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SpoonFed is a cloud based 16” portable touch screen device with built in stand that can be moved anywhere in a venue. We broadcast five or six 15-second bytes of operations based content daily which is available to all staff and management to view and implement as they are working. It’s a solution that benefits hospitality venues of all sizes and categories to ensure consistency in operations, communication, quality control, training and service delivery.

SpoonFed is designed for front of house staff and managers to remain in a venue and have access to content that is constantly reinforcing operational information to them. SpoonFed literally spoon feeds small doses of information so that staff don’t need to go and fetch it.

While we launched SpoonFed before COVID-19 hit, the service is needed now more than ever. A lot of venues have had to look at how they conduct their business after COVID-19 hit, especially with Job Keeper coming to an end, and with ongoing staff shortages. This is an opportunity for venues to continuously up-skill their current employees and improve their performance without the need for anyone to go off the job.

SpoonFed feeds staff short snippets of operations based content and addresses quality issues as they work. Most staff working in hospitality venues are casuals, and don’t have much access to training. Content reminds, refreshes and reinforces them of the functions they don’t know, aren’t sure about, or have forgotten.

Content could be how to set up a venue in the morning, a reminder to carry out key processes and procedures such as ensuring tables are not wobbly, checking with the chef about daily specials before service starts, drink garnishes are freshly prepared and that all house spirits are in stock, clean and on display.

SpoonFed content has been developed over a number of years and is relevant to all types of hospitality venues. Johnny Walker Red is the same in a Melbourne pub as it is in a New York bar and the technique needed to carry multiple plates is universal. If a venue desires specific content, they can take an image or short video and send it through to us on WhatsApp and within minutes it can be broadcasting in their venue and many others. A lot of our content is developed in actual venues we visit on an informal basis and is done daily.

All of the content development is continuous and developed inhouse. SpoonFed developers have worked in the industry for three decades managing individual hotels and restaurants as well as multi-site groups. Also have an extensive involvement with learning & development as owners of an RTO and developing industry training solutions for TAFEs and casinos and franchise groups. SpoonFed has an extensive library of “need to know” operational content already there. We also develop specific content in actual venues when out and about on a daily basis.

SpoonFed is a portable lightweight touch screen device broadcasting content such as text, images, graphics, video and audio or a combination. There is also a scrolling function used to broadcast up-to-date industry news and compliance. E.g. COVID-19 and other compliance information updates.

The device has multiple purposes.The Tablets are lightweight and portable and can be moved anywhere in a venue with wifi access. During the peak trading times the Tablet can be flipped into portrait mode and direct information at eye level to customers at Bar counters or bottle shop displays. The device broadcasts preloaded promotional and advertising content which allows venues to increase product sales and revenues. Selling only one additional drink per day will pay for the daily subscription. Making SpoonFed a potentially “free” solution to venues.

We’re looking at developing content for kitchen and back of house staff at some stage, as well as content designed specifically for managers and also providing an ongoing daily consultancy solution that can be broadcast in hundreds of venues each day. SpoonFed is a subscription based solution for the hospitality industry, broadcasting short bytes of ‘need to know’ operations based content into venues every day of the year. To book a demonstration at your venue, or to find out more, Please feel free to contact us.

Owners, operators, managers and front of house staff in cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs, clubs, resorts, Hotels, franchises and catering companies.

Venues purchase a 16inch Android Touch Screen All in One Tablet with built in stand from Spoonfed which is theirs to keep. Total one off cost is approx $450 (incl GST) per Tablet. Tablet is connected to the venue’s wifi and pre-loaded software will allow broadcasting of content to commence immediately.

(There is a 2 YEAR warranty on the Tablet.)

Choice of 2 subscription payments.  There are NO set up or admin fees.

$4 per day per Screen.     
(Exit anytime with 48 hrs notice.)

$ 3 per day per Screen.    
(Savings of $365 each year)