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What is SpoonFed?

Many hospitality owners, managers and staff don’t know, have forgotten or are unsure of the operational skills and knowledge to run their businesses effectively. The time, physical effort, costs and logistical issues in getting this content to every staff member is just not possible for many businesses. That’s why we developed SpoonFed. To solve these issues within the actual venues as staff are working.

SpoonFed is a cloud based solution and is available every single day of the year in the venue at any time to any staff member. Broadcasting updated 15 second bites of ‘need to know’ content.

For Less Than The Price Of A Coffee A Day!

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SpoonFed Operations

Hiring an experienced, competent, consistent and professional assistant manager is difficult and costly. SpoonFed allows venues to have a virtual on line assistant manager that meets all the above criteria.

Hospitality Tips

SpoonFed Training

Helping venues save $000’s on staff training. Most training solutions cost time, effort and considerable money to organise, deliver and monitor. With very little content retained and even less implemented in the workplace where it actually counts. SpoonFed helps deliver both the content AND the implementation.

SpoonFed Promotions

SpoonFed is one of the most direct and visually engaging ways to promote food and beverages and increase sales in the venue. It is positioned so it is in the face of customers and they cannot miss the messaging. Selling one additional drink a day will pay for the SpoonFed subscription.

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SpoonFed Compliance

SpoonFed protects and minimizes exposure by venues against expensive Workcover and Public Liability Insurance claims. Caused by staff lapses in Safety, Food Hygiene and Alcohol compliance responsibilities. Staff and managers are continuously updated and reminded of their compliance obligations in the venue as they work.


SpoonFed Checklists

Time is a costly commodity for owners and managers when overseeing staff in the workplace. Many times management is not present to direct staff in proper procedures and protocols. SpoonFed saves time and money by reminding and reinforcing staff in what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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SpoonFed Quality Control

Wastage and spillage in hospitality venues is a costly problem. Management cannot always be present to remind and reinforce staff of the proper handling, pouring and serving techniques. SpoonFed does this every day.

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SpoonFed Industry Information

Many staff miss out on relevant industry news. It costs money and time for managers to collect the material, distribute it and then ensure it has been accessed. SpoonFed sources the relevant content, puts it into bite-size chunks and broadcasts it daily into venues.


SpoonFed Messaging

SpoonFed is a simple, quick and cost effective communications solution for multi site and franchised venues to receive messaging from head office or the Franchisor. Huge time and cost savings in reducing the need for area managers to visit venues in person.