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Knowing It Versus Doing It

SPOONFED increases the skills and knowledge of all your staff as they work. By broadcasting short 15 second bites of ‘need to know’ operations based content into their venues every day of the year.
Accessible 24/7/365 by every single staff member and manager.
REMINDING, REINFORCING and IMPLEMENTING operational skills and knowledge.

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A simple, easy to use & versatile solution.
For hospitality staff that don’t know, have forgotten or are unsure of the operational skills and knowledge needed to run the business. It is an OPERATIONS, TRAINING, COMPLIANCE, INFORMATION and MESSAGING solution for any type of hospitality business. Available every day in the venue as your staff work.



It’s All About The Implementation

Hospitality owners, managers and staff can now access the above solutions every day of the year. SpoonFed screens are lightweight and portable and can be placed anywhere in a venue to broadcast content. Staff can view the content before or after a shift, at quiet periods or at designated sessions during the day.

There is absolutely no need for management to monitor staff engagement, no need for anyone to download any apps, access phones or other devices.

SpoonFed is an operations AND implementation solution that literally comes to your staff in the venue!

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